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Here's what our Lead Generation Process will do for you:


Follow up with warm and cold leads

We know you want to focus on the hot leads, that’s where your opportunity is, but who is spending the time to work through your warm and cold leads leaving no stone unturned?
We do. We make sure that every lead is followed up accordingly, so your sales team only speak to people who want to speak with you.

Book meetings and demo’s

You’ve been to event, you’ve got 500 leads and now you need to book them into calls with your sales team. No sweat, we’ve got you covered. Our teams are trained specifically on converting your leads into demo’s and booked meetings. You determine the outcome and we’ll book those leads straight into your sales team’s calendar. Simple and seamless

Create and cleanse your database

As we’re already calling and going through your database, we can update the records and ensure all the information is correct and we can validate if your data is actually clean or infact dirty. 20% of all databases contain dirty data on average, and it can your lead generation cost up to $100 for each bad lead. Let our teams Create and cleanse the data, so that you know you’re speaking to the right people.
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How we work

Our process for helping you provide the best Business Lead Generation Services and to book more meetings and more sales.

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Lead Nurture
Lead Target


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What do our customers say about us

Review by Tanya

We needed to find a way to follow up our leads quickly but we lacked the resources and staff to do this effectively. Working with GenLeads our pre-qualification is managed by them, which allows our sales team to only work with qualified prospects, which has allowed us to grow over 100% YOY at less then half the cost of a full-time employee

Tanya Ware
Review by Kevin

The Gen Leads team have exceeded our expectations with their ability to plan a unique and sensitive campaign for our businesses outbound lead marketing strategy. We felt included at every stage and yet did very little to pull it together. The communication is outstanding and so efficient, we were kept in the loop without being overwhelmed. The results are far more than we anticipated so huge congratulations to the team for making it happen and for succeeding immediately

Kevin Heard
Review by Brian

I was pleased with the outbound campaign that Gen Leads completed on our behalf. They were able to confirm more appointments than expected and doubled the rate my team were able to book. They carried out the calls in a professional and timely way. The report we received was detailed and gave information we will be able to use in future to target potential clients. I will certainly look to use them again in future. Highly recommended!

Brian Reay